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The information that is provided on this website is designed to provide general information and does not take into account any individual particular circumstances. It is not intended to provide comprehensive or specific investment advice. Investors should not rely solely on the information contained in this website when making investment decisions and should obtain professional advice on their individual requirements before making an investment decision. Unless otherwise stated, references to any currency are to New Zealand dollars.

While Evergreen Capital Partners Limited has endeavoured to ensure all information on this website is correct, none of Evergreen Capital Partners Limited, Foundation Corporate Trust (the Trustee of the Scheme) or any of their related companies, or their respective directors or staff accept any liability for the reliance of any person on information contained on this website or guarantee the repayment of capital or the performance of any particular rate of return from the Scheme or underlying investment funds referred to therein.

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Accuracy of Information

Where unit prices are shown, they are shown in accordance with the methodology set out in the prospectus. Unit prices are shown as of the date specified and are subject to change without notice. While Evergreen Capital Partners Limited has taken care in producing and updating the unit price information, you must check the current unit price of any investment with your financial adviser or directly with Evergreen Capital Partners Limited before relying on the unit price information on this website. Investors are reminded that past performance of the Scheme and its underlying investment funds is not necessarily indicative of future returns.


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New Zealand law

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For further information about Evergreen Retirement Trust please contact us on +64 4 974 5145 or by email at contact@evergreentrust.co.nz

Alternatively details of the Scheme may be viewed online on the Companies Office website at companiesoffice.govt.nz/disclose/about-the-register/searching-for-an-offer-or-scheme under the “Search schemes’ link.